Monday, November 27, 2006

Bullying: Necessary for a Healthy Society

Hierarchy is essential for any successful society and bullying is the sure-fire, never-fail, tried and tested way to achieve this. All animals, of which we as humans are the dominant, bullying species, require a well-defined system of power.

In time-honoured tradition, prevalent since the dawn of man when the bigger chimps hit the weaker ones with club-like sticks and singed their arse hairs with the first licks of flame, the stronger elements will always rise to the top.

So a child comes home crying and, perhaps, beaten again as they are bullied into submission by the tough popular kids who are reacting to being bullied themselves at home and re-asserting their place in the world by picking on the weak. It’s a marvellously intricate and highly complex chain. Like a DNA strand comprised of big fish and little fish.

Bullied children know their place in society and will grow into the necessarily weak and scared members of adulthood that can be bullied once again in the workplace and provide the footholds and rungs that the strong, good looking and confident require to haul themselves to the top. The bully victims provide a valuable and necessary service.

A point to keep in mind - they must be made to feel slightly important as a swathe of suicides would be detrimental to the economy. However, as a qualifier to this, some suicides are necessary to weed out those who are just too weak to be utilised. These people are of use to no one.

We simply can’t have an entire group of people thinking they can achieve, succeed and prosper when they will always, always fail. Bullying helps them to realise this at an early age and stops a nation of the disappointed growing and sucking the life and vigour out of those who are, quite honestly, better people.

Without these bullying tactics we would have no system of government, corporations would crumble and the IMF would be non-existent.

Someone must think of the poor African countries. How would they know that they are inferior to white, western, capitalist civilizations without an extremely well laid out system of bullying that started with slavery and is now re-branded as economic reality?

Even communism recognised this eternal truth. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. Those in power were the same as those they ruled on paper, but their large palatial homes and separate lane of the motorway (got to be quick to implement draconian laws) clearly set them apart. As did the wide spread imprisonments, the rampant torture and the countless murders.

Humans feel comfortable with bullying. They positively need it. Sheep bleat in the fields with big wide eyes until the farmer and his collie come along to point out the pen that was there all the time, yet incomprehensible until the sharp whistles and vicious barks steered them in the right direction.

Too much free thought and creativity is dangerous. A healthy system of bullying helps to keep these aspects in check. With bullying rampant, everyone knows his or her place.


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