Monday, November 27, 2006

Who needs Stonehenge?

Stonehenge should win the prize of Britain’s dullest and most boring tourist attraction.

I can’t imagine any Japanese tourist wanting to spend more than 23 hours on a plane flying from Osaka all the way to the small island called Britain just to watch a few stones rotting away.

They’d be standing in the middle of nowhere, - also referred to as Wiltshire – having paid a fortune for their family ticket (£ 14.95), staring at a few grey bricks.

If Britain wants their tourists to encounter suicidal tendencies while visiting their island, that’s the way forward!

Quite frankly, tourists could get a view of old bricks uselessly taking up space for free in one of London’s many housing estates – grey concrete everywhere and if they want a bit of nature, they can just go to the top floor and enjoy the view.

The English Heritage is wasting vast amounts of tax payers’ money every year on a bunch of stones, rocks and other rotting pieces when the money could be spent on modern, high-tech tourists attractions such as a museum on the highly dysfunctional Royal Family, suiting the needs of Japanese friends equipped with i-pods, cameras and video recorders much more.

Stonehenge just isn’t high – tech enough for the modern world, and even though the British are famous for being old – fashioned, someone should pull down those useless stones and do some good by giving the free land to a local Wiltshire farmer.

The only person upset by this would be the queen who probably made Stonehenge up to get rid of a few tourists standing in front of Buckingham Palace distracting her from having afternnon tea.

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