Monday, November 27, 2006

Violence should not be prevented

Hairbands, moisturisers, hair straighteners, hair products, skirts, manicures, facials, handbags and make up. Welcome to the new age metro sexual man. Where men emulate woman’s vanity.

Forget the gender bending eighties- that was not where the decline of manliness started. It was simply a way for men desperately seeking attention to get noticed. The 2000s has been the decade when it has become the social norm for men to act as women. Gender bending was deliberately obscure- but this is gender blending- and it marks the death of the alpha male.

The male is giving up the battle to save a long held identity all too easily, but there’s a simple reason for this. You can’t win a battle without fighting- and man’s right to fight has been removed.

Man have been fighting for as long as it has existed. Violence was often over women, food and land- but these were never the most common reason for a brawl. Man’s real motivation to fight has always been their sense of male pride. Any self respecting male has this in abundance, it creates the urge to fight. It’s a pride that can be stung easily, and solved only in a few ways- a solid head butt, roundhouse right-hook, or at the very least an old fashioned shoeing.

Football has traditionally been the outlet for the English men to release their 'male pride'. But the Guardian reading, suburb dwelling, middle classes have driven the violence out- without justification.

There was never a problem with violence at football. Those who indulged knew the risks. Those who didn’t want to get involved didn’t have to- they were generally the aforementioned middle classed ‘men’- and could therefore afford to splash out on a corporate box or expensive seat away from the violence.

The death of violence at football has coincided with the emergence of the metro sexual man- and this is no coincidence.
Fighting is an intrinsic part of a man’s make up. And this time I don’t mean blusher or eye-liner.

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