Monday, November 27, 2006

Evolution VS Creationalism

Scientists are some of the most arrogant people on the planet. Many of the ideas that they claim to be ‘fact’ are not what you can call true. Much is based on mathematical formula and theories without any hard evidence, and that is flawed. You cannot see, hear, smell, or feel much of what Science deems to be fact and yet we take it as granted that it is real, more real than God. Yet it is possible to look at the Scriptures written down for us, and we can see that it is hard material evidence that the stories did happen. Scientific evidence especially in evolutionary terms is often circumstantial and much cannot be proved in the same way. It should not be treated as gospel because times change. Years ago scientists believed the world was flat. Who knows what we will know and believe in a hundred years time?

Whatever the case for the validity of Creationalism, it is necessary because the nature of humanity is that we want something to believe. The masses need religion, a brand of faith to keep us from losing hope and becoming cynical like Richard Dawkins, a man whose arrogance about the existence of religion is extremely rude and bigoted. You cannot prove that God exists, but in the same way no scientist can prove evolution happened, because you are looking at evidence beyond the realm of human existence. What gives scientists the right to impose their views of people like this? Why should this material be educated in schools without giving children the choice to believe what they want to believe? Children would be some ways much happier adults if they were brought up believing in a higher power and had faith. Think of the way that discipline can be enforced if children knew that the bad or evil things to do will result in them going to hell, while if they were good they would be able to go to heaven. The problem with today’s society is that children watch television and play computer games (both instruments of science) instead of going to church, and this is where they learn their definitions of right and wrong. If they believed in the bible instead, they would know if they started breaking commandants they would have to pay for it. Now the only punishment they can see is if they get caught or not. The teaching of evolution allows children to believe that the things they will do wrong will be forgotten, as we are tiny in the whole scheme of life. It is a form of propaganda that allows people to commit harm and crime because they will be able to get away from it. The Scientists are imposing their will on the easily influenced, and that is wrong.

Religion is not wrong. The belief in Creationalism causes no harm to anybody. It is those people who decide to twist and corrupt it that causes the problem. The Muslim and Christian religions are fundamentally worthwhile, but it is the people who twist it to their own way and kill for it that is the harm. In some ways it is due to a lack of strength in their own faith because they forget the inner principles of their religion and exhibit extreme behaviour which is caused by their own human doubt and feelings rather than what they believe (e.g. paedophile Catholic Priests) The real problem are those Christians who believe in both God and Evolution and feel that they are both compatible. They are hedging their bets. They cannot decide one way or another and so they stuck right down the middle in a state of confusion. Atheists and Creationalists are worthy of admiration because at least they can make their mind up about what they believe. It is those in the middle who are chickening out and they are the people we should make jokes out of as they are in all extent and purposes cowards.

It is not right that Creationalists are the source of ridicule simply because they believe in what their holy book says. The birth of Jesus and his position as God’s son relies on just as much faith as God’s creation of the Earth in the chapter of Genesis. Why should people be allowed to believe in one part of the bible, which is the whole basis of Christianity, and disregard the early part due to the will of the Scientists? For some people, like fundamentalist believers of the Koran, their book is the word laid down by God and impossible to regard in any other way. And yet Creationalism is not harmful in the same way as Muslim fundamentalism can be. Violence and bloodshed is not caused because people believe in Adam and Eve.


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